Ginger Snaps (2000)

Directed by: John Fawcett

Written by: Karen Walton


Emily Perkins .... Brigitte 'B' Fitzgerald
Katharine Isabelle .... Ginger Fitzgerald
Kris Lemche .... Sam
Mimi Rogers .... Pamela Fitzgerald
Jesse Moss .... Jason McCardy
Danielle Hampton .... Trina Sinclair
John Borgeois .... Henry Fitzgerald
Peter Keleghan .... Mr. Wayne
Christopher Redman .... Ben

Release Dates: München Fantasy Filmfest (Germany): August 1, 2000; Toronto Film Festival: September 10, 2000; Fantastic Arts, Géradmer (France): January 26, 2001; Mar del Plata Film Festival (Argentina): March 13, 2001; Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival: April 5, 2001;; Los Angeles Film Festival: April 21, 2001; Philadelphia International Film Festival: May 11, 2001; Quick Theatrical (Canada): May 11, 2001






Two strange sisters named Brigitte (Emily Perkins) and her older sister Ginger (Katherine Isabelle) are into photography taking photographs on death scenes.
They show it for their class project and the teacher is digusted causing them to get into trouble.
Another time outside they are in gym session playing a sport and a stuck up girl pushes Brigitte into a dead dog that was attacked by some wild animal as there have been numerous other dead dogs in the area caused by this.
Ginger assures to her sister that she will get that girl back.

Well one night they are at a park in October during Ginger's first period on a full moon and decides to collect the pieces from that dead dog.
Next thing you know a super fast wolf attacks Ginger and then claws and bites her a few times.
Gingers wounds then starts to heal after the wolf is run over by a van.

Within a few days Ginger's behavior starts to seriously change along with her body as she is becoming extremely horny with the jocks and behaving violent to her classmates that have taunted but her and Brigitte at school.

Brigitte tries to find a cure with the help of a local dope head named Sam (Chris Lemche) who was responsible for running the wolf over with his van.
But on Halloween when it's a full moon the real terror starts to happen with Ginger.


There's a mild mysterious moment with a mother and putting her little one in a sandbox and then we spot him putting blood on his face which draws you in wondering what this is all about as well as the mother spotting something gruesome to her pet which isn't a pretty site to watch at all. But this can please gorehounds who like sick stuff and then we spot Brigitte from next door coming out of her garage looking creepy and having some deadly weapons in her hands as you wonder if she was behind this mess adding a perfect drawing card to the story. Plus nice moments when her and Ginger are taking gruseome pics of doing horror shows which adds in nicely.
We also have moments of them in school and playing outdoor sports which we spot snobby highschool girls with their mean plans on them as well as the main one Trina knocking Brigitte over and she falls near a slaughtered dog on the ground adding more mysterious moments by having a feeling a werewolf is for sure roaming the local area. Plus it gives you a feeling that you'd want Trina to get what's coming to her for doing this. It all looked well performed.
The best mnoments is when Brigitte and Ginger to the the park at night to get pieces of a slaughtered dog as everything is perfectly silent and still with good camera shots on them as well as seeing an object move as if something is there watching them as this was perfect creepy to watch and perfectly well done by what goes on around the two of them. Also great brief fast moments on a werewolf attacking Ginger withouth showing the full version of this beast doing this as things looked terrorising and clever too.
Nice moment with the school snob Trina taking out her rottweiler out and it barks viciously towards Ginger which was well focuxed and then you get a feeling that Ginger is possibly a werewolf with these signs as well as her kicking the dog in the face and Trina getting upset which was a good move to show this bully that she shows no mercy towards her.
Also another good moment when Ginger comes over to beat up Trina for picking on her sister which really looked good to watch by seeing this happen which looked powerful and well put into the story as it gives you a good feeling on fighting back against a bully as well as seeing this bitcvh starting to cry showing that she's not so tough at all.
Perfect still moments when Brigitte at night goes to check up with her sister and discovers that she has a tail which seemed awfully corny to watch but yet effective moments when hair starts to grow from the claw marks from that werewolf that she was attacked by in the park which was well shot too.
A nice moment with Ginger getting it on with a dorky teen Jason in a car and good shots on her showing her transformation into a somewhat werewolf as well as the terrorising moments as this all looked brilliant and well done as well as horrifying too.
Strong intense moments when Trina demands Brigitte for her dog back and is frightened which draws in to your attention and having a feeling that Ginger killed this animal by how all of the pieces come together as well as Ginger approaching and tormenting as well as torturing this bully to death as this also looked strongly done along with perfect intense arguments between both Brigitte trying to stop her sisters madness but this stubborn and obnoxious sibling refuses with good shots and energy coming from both of them as it was powerfully dramatic along with Trina crying and begging for mercy. Great horror timing within all of this.
Another perfect inense moment when Jason tries to trap Brigitte in a janitors room and we see his fangs and him looking different as well as getting demanding towards her making this look rather cringing and wondering if she will get out safe.
There's a cheesy incident when Jason tries to mug a trick or treater as this all looked too corny with Brigitte running in to save the day.
Nice moments with Ginger walking into a Halloween party in which had a great atmosphere as well as trying to come onto Sam as this looked strong to watch.
Also have a moment with the mother Pamela talking to Brigitte about what's going on as well as discussing on burning the house down and having a fresh start which was for sure a bizarre add onto the story when she tries to tell her to get Ginger so they can go home.
Perfect moments with Brigitte and Sam trying to hunt down or hide from Ginger now as a werewolf as well as them being silent in her home and trying not to be spotted as well as intense moments with Ginger attacking Sam along with good shots on Brigitte reying to find him with good blood trails. Plus perfect moments on her trying to confront Gigner as well as nice shots on Sam sitting there stunned and more perfect intense struggling moments as these were one of the best scene's throughout the film.
Bottom line is that many werewolf films are shot in parts of Europe but it is great that finally we see a Canadian werewolf flick made by a Canadian company with a Canadian cast. It started out as an independent production but became a big time cult classic after it was invested and released nationwide. It was very original and we have a touch of Carrie in it too. Plus it had touches of R.L. Stine types of stories for the young adult viewers and not children.

The acting seemed to stand out fairly well as lead actress Emily Perkins (Brigitte 'B' Fitzgerald) stood out greatly with her creepy motives and her mody expressions. Does well portraying a misfit who loves gruesome horror in which she shows off a nice tense silent type of reactions to things. Also does well getting anxious in the spots that she needed to be when trying to stop her onscreen sister by what she's doing. Also adds a great hype to her intense aggressions as this shows off marvellously. Plus does well with her cold speaking too when trying to rescue a child from someone's grips as she really gets into this motive nicely.
Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Fitzgerald) was probably the best out of the cast as the more level headed one and shows off a good personality in the beginning as well as doing a nice job hissing towards an onscreen bully protecting a family member in which she stood out well getting tough by what she does. Plus does well screaming in terror and pain when she gets attacked by a werewolf. Draws this in energetically and powerfully too. Also does well with her lustful action getting on it viciously. Plus does well with her sneering and bitchy behavior really proving that she's turning which shows it off greatly. Plus shows good emotional actions in other spots. Also was perfect by being demanding too.
Kris Lemche (Sam) seemed to have the somewhat tough guy looks but yet the intelligent appeal to it all in which he certainly pulls his weight onto the film strongly within everything that he does here. He does well with his speaking and his energetic attitude as well as getting excited and nervous by what happens to him when he is attacked.
Mimi Rogers (Pamela Fitzgerald) was a bit over the top and too comedic in her role as the family woman but yet seems to fit into her character with what she has to say. She for sure portrayed someone with her head in the clouds and so fourth. Has a high pitched speaking as this seemed to annoy me a bit. Also shows a nice versatile behavior near the end of her performance when she realises as to what is all happening as this was impressive.
Jesse Moss
(Jason McCardy) certainly does the trick playing an idiotic dimwitted goofball who comes across as poerfectly annoying and a fellow who lacks intelligence. Also has the perfect motive to change this when he is a werewolf himself by having a ferocious attitude in which he shows great vicious expressions and an intense attitude too by lunging towards someone else.
Danielle Hampton
(Trina Sinclair) had the best supporting role in which she was great playing the head stuck up snob at the school as well as having a good bullying forceful attitude and whiney speaking too. Plus does a great job sobbing or getting emotional with her aggressions by being demanding in a certain scene which looked powerful to watch. She also does a nice job with her crying and scared intensity near the end of her performance. Had the perfect looks for this role too.
Christopher Redman (Ben) does well as a cros school teacher in which he brings a great firmness and strict behavior. Plus has a terrific seriousness to his role and really studied his part by instructing people or reacting well to what happened while watching a students project. Had the right looks and appeal for all of this too.

Yes we get lots of gore.
Slaughtered dogs
Clawed throats (Really gruesome)
Lots of blood.

Mike Shields composed this piece and only worked in a handful of other movies but he still knows how to compose even music for this film leaving lots of gothlike creepiness to it. There's some deep iano music in certain sequences which is fairly passable. Plus we hear some low rumbling noises and other dark sounds and hissing especially for the still moments between two characters trying to look out for Ginger now as a full werewolf as these sounded incredibly sharp and effective. Also in the beginning of the film there's somewhat old fashioned organ music which isn't too badly done. However in the beginning and closing credits along with in certain parts of the story there's stale weeping violin music which didn't suit the story at all. But that's just me.