The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror (2007)

Executive Produced, Written & Directed by: Jaymes Thompson


Mari Marks .... Helen
.... Alex
.... Luella
Robert Borzych .... Eric
.... Dom
Shannon Lee .... Deborah
Denise Heller .... Gabby
Derek Long .... Mike
Allie Riverbark .... Brenda
James Tollins .... Todd
.... Lizette

Release Dates: Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival: July 13, 2007; Frameline Film Festival: June 20, 2008



Various gay and lesbian couples to to a bed and breakfast for a special occasion but it's owned a demented mother Helen (Mari Marks) who does some of them in as well as their daughter Luella (Georgia Jean) along with a mysterious succubus who chews up others that are staying at the resort.


Cheesy and twisted beginning with the owner of the resort Helen smelling some flowers and then walking back to the place with a shot on something gruesome buried in the dirt as this looked impressive for a horror story even if what this person was doing seemed quite hokey.
Then there's the opening credits with some characters doing a dance to a song that's being played which looked like a music video and for an indie film it grabbed my attention but at the same time wasn't my cup of tea whatsoever.
Then of course we have interactions with gay and lesbian couples driving their vehicles as this all looked way too set out and obvious without any of this seeming natural at all. Also there's moments when the couples smooch when they're driving which looks stupid on the driver not keeping their eyes on the road.
Plus we see Helen preparing your not everyday meat as this looked mildly sickening in which there seems to be hints on canniballism. Plus there's situations when Helen does Luella's hair which there's twisted situations between the two of them which tries so hard to look creepy on what they're talking about but this all looked way too kookie like the rest of the plot so far.
More cornball moments when the guests arrive at the home and Helen introduces the bed and breakfast with Luella bringing out a tray of muffins which looked like a broken record repeating itself as it was getting to me big time. In other words really annoying.
While everyone adjusts to their room there's two homosexuals acting kinky as I rolled my eyes big time as I had a feeling that this is going to be a lousy storyline all the way through but it does improve a bit since I was looking forward to the horror that these people residing there will get later on.
A fairly decent scene with one of the couples Mike and Eric having a negative conversation which seemed to grab my attention a bit better looking like a somewhat dysfunctional couple.
Nice close up shot on someone having a bubblebath which leaves an impression that something terrifying is about to happen as it often does and boy was it a surprising moment by what happens here which I must admit looked well done for a low budget indie horror flick.
Another impressive situation is when Eric goes in the pool and then a studly dude Todd approaching and spotting him which has a nice night time feel and how it's shot when he tempts him to make out with him as this was well focused by Eric hesitating which makes you wonder if he will give in as well as a focused gay sex scene in which is not for everyone's tastes to people who don't like seeing homosexuals getting it on with one another but yet nothing pornographic either.
Cheesy moments when Helen creeps up towards one of the tenants at the home and stabs her while Luella is talking to her along with more crazy talk coming from the two of them.
Well written in moment for a gay themed horror flick with one of the kinky residents running away in his cowboy hat and underwear after spotting something deady and tries to lock himself in a car to protect himself from Helen but of course he doesn't realise who's in the vehicle as this is a good common moment in a horror flick.
Plus there's a tame fighting sequence between Mike and Todd which didn't look too inspiring as well as then they get it on with one another which looked corny like the rest of this story but then a terrorising moment happens towards Mike as this moment looked truly suspenseful to watch and well done too.
Well drawn in discussion between drag queen Rodney and Deborah having a discussion by asking each other if they ever tried dating the opposite sex as this seemed amusing to watch as well as a near romance with them and then are caught by surprise on what falls down on them as this offered mediocre horror timing.
Things seem impressive when Luella tells some of the survivors by what goes on at the resort in which things looked good on a succubus and how he came to be but other moments looked awfully trashy too.
Plus there's the tale later on when Helen discusses her history to someone tied to a bed and how bad it is to be gay as her flashback sequence looked extremely stupid and uninspired.
Suddenly when it was almost ending there's ridiculous moments on others going on a killing spree which I couldn't understand as to why this was happening at all. Pretty twisted and not in a good way whatsoever.
Bottom line is that this seems to spoof and pay a homage to Psycho and a ripoff it is too. Plus there seems to be elements of Better than Chocolate too. Some fun touches in the middle of the plot but then it sinks terribly later on just like it did in the beginning. Had some decent bloody effects though for a no budgeter.

The acting is pretty amateurish for the most part in which Mari Marks (Helen) is way too over the top and stiff with her lines when she plays the demented owner of the bed and breakfast resort. She just doesn't cut it with her intensity or acting whacked in which she needed serious acting lessons for whatever she did in her role. She tried to be witty but I wasn't laughing at all.
(Luella) plays her disturbed daughter and seemed to almost have the right motives as well as her looks but yet just couldn't pull off a character whatsoever. She was another one who needed acting lessons big time. She seems way too melodramatic whenever she acts somewhat mental and mysterious on stuff and her reactions to things were laughable and not in a good way.
Robert Borzych
(Eric) somewhat pulled his weight pretty well in his role as he comes across convincingly as a passive type as well as showing a somewhat innocent attitude too. Reacts well to when somewhat comes on strongly towards him in which he does a nice job acting nervous about this. Also shows some okay energy whenever he becomes a victim tied to a bed too. He deserved some fair credit to what he did here.
Shannon Lee (Deborah) was another fine one who pulled off her role quite well feeling troubled on stuff in which she seemed to study her role pretty well along with showing off a nice concentration when talking to someone else on a certain situation. Also reacts well with her screaming when the terrors start to strike. She had the right looks and appeal which was a good plus.
Derek Long (Mike) has a nice deepness to his voice whenever he speaks as well as having a somewhat tall type features which grabbed my attention here. Plus does well with his negative and standoffish attitude but yet when he acts aggressive he needed a bit of a push to make it a little more convincing. Yet had an effective supporting role regardless.
James Tollins (Todd) as the macho sex crazed queer in which he shows off a nice masculine performance throughout everything that he did here. Had the perfect looks as well as coming across as sleazy and flirtatious and does this with mediocre style. He wasn't anything too special but most of the acting isn't that great either like I mentioned but seemed to have some sort of a motive and can be remembered to anyone who saw this flick.
(Lizette) came across as a fag hag with her aggressive attitude and annoyance too but again she is too much in her performance as she really needed to know on how to make things seem natural and she doesn't do this at all. She got on my nerves but again I think this was the intention. Still she can be well remembered but in an annoying way.

A guy is wearing leather pants with his butt revealed
A woman takes off her top while smothering her body with lipstick on a turf
Guys crotach is revealed when he's spotted dead

Many violent bloodsheds
Pices of flesh is revealed from the ground
Succubus chews up various customers
Bloody stabbings
Decapitated head drops on two people

The composing sounded only half good so here's what I will say about the good moments. We hear some nice airy chilling synthesizer music as well as dark sounds for the suggested terror that blends in wonderfully along with guitar echoey sounds as this had an effective sound too. For the bad parts is that there's synthesizer classical music which wasn't convincing and suited the Z-grade budget that this flick had although I've seen worst made flicks like mentioned before. Also odd techno sounds which I never liked that is commonly used in gay themed horror flicks.