The Gate II: Trespassers (1990)

Directed by: Tibor Takács

Written by: Michael Nankin


Louis Tripp .... Terry Chandler
Simon Reynolds .... Moe
James Villemaire .... John
Pamela Adlon .... Liz
Neil Munro .... Art

Release Date: Theatrical: May 24, 1990 (West Germany); June 23, 1990 (Taiwan); July 19, 1990 (Australia); 1991 (Peru); August 30, 1991 (Turkey); February 28, 1992 (USA)





It's been 5 years since Terry's friend opened the gates of hell in his backyard. The house hasn't been touched and very abandoned ever since.
Terry (Louis Tripp) is still studying sorcery and is now in highschool.
Him and a couple of bullies named John (James Villemare) and Moe (Simon Reynolds) accidentally opens up the other side with the sorcery again and lets loose a minion.
The minion is kept in a cage in Terry's house and some people are granted wishes only to turn deadly.
John and Moe break into Terry's home while Terry's alcoholic father is in a hospital from a plane accident and steals the minion but it escapes and Terry must find a way to stop it with the help of John's ex-girlfriend Liz (Pamela Adlon) as John himself is slowly turning into a minion himself after being attacked by it.


The story looks oddly interesting when we have the reprising character Terry Chandler preparing to do a summoning near a dark area of a factory at night which there's some nice shots on him using his computer to start up everything and cute looks on a hampster as it gives you an upsetting feeling as to what he will do with this cute little rodent. Also we spot some bullies John and Moe crashing in as you wonder if they will stir up trouble but yet you kind of wonder if they will make peace with him when they join his ceremony as things looked interesting when he does his ceremony and then we spot the little minion coming to life and then the nasty John shooting it which looked upsetting as this little demon looked kinda cute as well as him getting forceful towards Terry and manipulating him which looked good and convincing with a bully pinning down a dweeb.
A well focused moment with Terry discovering that his minion has been revived and out which had some corny moments when he puts on his hoickey gear to try and hunt this object down as there's the odd suspenseful moment when he tries to find it.
Plus some nice discussions between Terry and Liz when they look at the minion caged up and about everything that it does as well as their wishes coming true which looked interesting to watch on what they had to say back and fourth towards one another.
Some fun moments with the two of them cruising in their vehicle together as this added some nice touches to the story.
Also a perfect moment when Terry realises that he's in a plane and then goes to the door of the control room spotting his father drinking to his head while driving and acting crazy which leaves a hint that he's dreaming and wondering as to when he will wake up from this since things don't look too good while watching this and wondering if this plane will crash.
A perfect moment when John out of the blue punches out Terry and gets into his face as this looked like a convincingly nasty situation.
Also a perfect moment with the minion getting vicious towards John when he's at the steering wheel of his car and Moe driving to drive the vehicle without getting into an accident as this for sure makes you cringe wondering if something terrible is going to happen to them. This for sure keeps you in suspense big time. Also things look perfectly brutal when John beats the object to a pulp as this looked perfectly intense to watch.
A good moment when we spot John in a washroom at a fancy restaurant and is getting scarred as well as as a moment with him hollering like crazy in a john and then someone trying to find out what the problem is and he doesn't look pretty at all when we discover on how he looks later on as well as perfect raging moments on him running out and crashing through a window which looked dynamic to watch.
Perfect shots on both Terry and Liz going to a factory area to find John as well as a shot on a beastly looking hand grabbing Liz's leg and a nice clue that he doesn't look the same anymore as well as interesting clay animation on him in the area as a giant minion and the struggles with them against him as some of this added some entertaining cheesiness.
The best moments yet is when Terry enters the minions world as we never got to see this in the original flick as well as him trying to save Liz from the grasp of both John and Lou whom are minions themselves and he becomes one too with his battles against them as there's neat claymation effects without it looking too cheesy or low buidget like. Alot of great fun and fantasy action packed here.
We also spot an ending taking place at a funeral which turns out to be a happy ending and pretty funny with something thqat you don't least expect as it was nicely put into the story.
Bottom line is that it's very boring in the beginning of the film and nowhere near as exciting like the first one. The flick was taken in a total different direction by using only one character from the first film which is okay. Towards a quarter way through the film does get better and seems a bit exciting.

The acting is in good shape as it's nice to see Louis Tripp (Terry Chandler) returning as he seems to do well playing an older typical type of teenager as well as showing a good focus on what he's doing in his role as someone who's defenseless against onscreen bullies. Also does well with his comedic attitude while going into battle in certain scene's offering good spunk and charisma within this. Shows off good energy while going into action which offers some nice characteristics into his part.
Simon Reynolds (Moe) knew his craft as someone whom is a dimwitted bully and seemed to show it off with his giggly behavior as the follower to his leader friend as well as having the grease monkey goofy looks and appeal too. Plus has great energy within whatever he did here. Knew on how to spring to life for the adventureous moments which he made some good effort at doing.
James Villemaire (John) was one of the best performaners here in which he lived to play someone whom is obnoxious and getting into your face. Portrayed a perfect bullying punk as well as doing great with his forceful blocking towards someone else. Was perfect by throwing his heavy punches and acting perfectly brutal. Also was great shouting out in pain along with acting wild in a certain scene when he is not himself. He drew into his character very well.
Pamela Adlon (Liz) was the best out of the cast as a misunderstood punk who has a big heart in which she adds a perfectly outgoing type of attitude into whatever she did throughout her performance. Seemed to have a good focus when having a discussion as this looked impressive. Was good by having an anxious attitude after finding out what happened to her wishes. Also does a nice job by being a victim of a demonic sacrifice getting into this pretty well.
Neil Munro (Art) had a nice effective supporting role into what he did here as someone whom is having a hard time with his drinking and certainly made his part believeable by trying to lift up his spirits as he seemed fairly strong within all of this. Also was great by acting crazy driving a plae going at full force showing terrific energy.

A teens flesh is beginning to rot.

George Blondheim takes the hands at composing this time and makes the film sound very effective especiually during the opening credits for the film. We also hear low sounds too in alot of the areas hjaving a nice feel to everything. However there's the odd cheesy high pitched synthesizer playing for the happy ending which sounded too Z grade. Some tappings here and there in the middle of the story which sounded fairly catchy though.