The Journal of Edmund Deyers (2005)

Produced, Written, Directed, Composed & Edited by: William Rot


Frank Corto .... Officer Jennings
Jimmy Diggs .... Officer Noels
Jamie DiMartino .... Jillian
Kyle Lampi .... Killer

Release Date: October 4, 2005



The police has a diary of a legendary occult serial killer named Edmond Deyers as they try to trace a serial killer down who is kidnapping and gagging women and then slaughtering them in a remote town.
A young officer named Jennings (Frank Corto) does take notes on this scene while he finds clues on these tortured and slaughtered victims so he can go over the case with a seasoned officer named Noels (Jimmy Diggs) and to track down this killer.


This was a terrific and twisted film as you wonder what the hell is going on and it works extremely well.
This also became
the Winner of America's Best Short Horror Films on Fangoria's BLOOD DRIVE II DVD which isn't at all a surprise as it offers alot of unsolved mysteries on who this killer is and why he's doing this to the victims.
If you enjoy short films then check this one out.

The acting is very well performed by the two actors Frank Corto and Jimmy Diggs who seem like real policemen trying to discuss and unsolved crime of a killer.

A woman's eyes are plucked out while being gagged and there's a bit of blood with other victims plus a throat is cut open by a young male in a car.

William Rot's work in this film is a classic and can easily work in future indendent films as he has a Blair Witch type of craft to his work like with the black and white and colored scenes of a scene flashing back and fourth with the officers talking and the killer torturing his victims.

Rot has great prickly sound effects to this film which works extremely well.