Final Destination (2000)

Directed by: James Wong

Written by: Glen Morgan, James Wong & Jeffrey Reddick


Devon Sawa .... Alex Chance Browning
Ali Larter .... Clear Rivers
Kerr Smith .... Carter Horton
Seann William Scott .... Billy Hitchcock
Kristen Cloke .... Ms. Valerie Lewton
Daniel Roebuck .... Agent Weine
Roger Guenveur Smith .... Agent Schreck
Chad Donella .... Tod Waggner (as Chad E. Donella)
Amanda Detmer .... Terry Chaney
Brendan Fehr .... George Waggner

Special Appearance:

Tony Todd .... William Bludworth

Release Date: Theatrical: March 17, 2000







A student named Alex (Devon Sawa) is preparing himself with other students on a flight to France but then he suddenly falls asleep and dreams that his plane is exploding.
Then he wakes up and experiences the same going on's before the plane takes off and gets hysterical. He gets kicked out of the plane with some of the other students.
They all think he's nuts and are upset that their flight takes off without them but then they see the plane exploding into flames.
This freaks them all out. Suddenly Alex and his classmates stick together. But Alex seems to be bad luck as he sees hallucinations of ongoing vehicles, trains or any other incidents and one by one his classmates die from them and are terrible accidents.
Some say they were suicides and just terrible accidents that just happen without cause while Alex tries to get help from anyone including his friend Clear Rivers (Ari Larter) to prevent anyone else from getting killed.
The suriviors tries to beat these deadly accidents but aren't sure how to do so.


Interesting opening credits which had a breezy chilling look as this is a good start for a horror flick as well as involving the lead character Alex Chance Browning sleeping and then we spot odd moments occuring like a breeze blowing and spot a toy plane with it's propellors moving along with his alarm clock acting strange with the time.
Also alot of great moments with him at the airport and spotting the flight schedules and suddenly spotting them as cancellations as the suspense seems to pile up here along with later on going into the plane and we spot many unique people on board including someone very physically handicapped in a wheelchair as well as a fench teacher talking to his students. As well as moments that look a little too unsafe. Plus we have a moment when the plane takes off as well as terrific terrifying special effects with the plane tearing open and the passengers dragged outside as it has a total psychological feel to anyone who's scared to fly which was an attention grabber as well as flames drowning out everyone as this also looked unpleasant.
Perfect moments when he wakes up from that fream and freaking out that it's going to explode with him and his friends getting booted off the plane and then a terrific special effects moment on the plane exploding as well as the windows at the airport smashing due to the noise and tension which also looked like you were in the picture and being there.
Nicely concentrated moments with the people at the funeral and their emotional discussions with one another as this too looked very realistic to watch.
Perfect shots on Todd Waggner in the bathroom and then spotting some blue water creeping towards him when he doesn't notice it and misses touching it when he does stuff there as this keeps you a good eye by watching as if to whether or not he will step on it and boy do things look pretty terrifying with the supposed mistakes that happen and he is struggling to try and call out to his parents and he can't this is a nice jumping scene for sure.
Good dark settings with both Alex and Clear Rivers going to a mortuary and spotting a corpse of their dead friend as well as a the coroner William Bludworth appearing and discussing the situations on them cheating their death which is bone chilling to watch.
Another terrific and memorable moment with Valerie Lewton being ignorant and not believing about death striking them since they cheated it as well as a perfect situation on her crossing the street. Then BAM! Something suddenly happens. This was another perfect jumping moment when things beforehand were so still.
Perfectly concentrated moments with dimwitted and hard assed detectives Weine and Schreck questioning him about the incidents as this was strongly discussed in a good serious fashion as well as good camera shots on all of this.
Things get rolling big time when Carter Holton is speeding in his car and dodging traffic close to getting into an accident with his friends trying to talk to him about normal to be scared and him just going nuts which was perfectly put into the story and then he stops in the middle of a railway crossing and the red signals go off as the red lights had a great shine to them along with it located in the deep dark woods offering more good horror feels to it. Plus we spot the distance on the train chugging with full steam blowing it's whistle as this too looked gloomy to watch. Plus great reactions on his friends to manipulate him to move the car as well as his vehicle not starting and being trapped inside and Alex trying to get him out with the engine charging full speed towards them which had a total edge to all of this and terrifying if you're a train lover and then changing your mind on that when you see this wondering if they will survive this.
Another nicely siggested deadly moments with Ms. Valerie Lewton preparing something hot to drink as well as perfect close up shots on her stove lighting up and things like that which creeps you out by wondering on what deadly moment will happen to her and it doesn't happen when you expect it just yet. Things look genuinely deadly when something strikes her with explosive special effects as this was impressive too.
The final moments look perfect with a cut off wire from a telephone pole squirming around and trying to attack both Alex and Clear as well as them trying to escape but something is trying to hold them back big time with the technology that we spot here as this looked super suspenseful to watch.
Bottom line is that this was by all means my favourite horror film during the new millenium. It delivers lots of excitement and jumps. Truly shocking, intense and creepy with an excellent storyline as you are almost messing with the grim reaper. Great effects too. The film is very serious and unhokey. If you like frights then this one's for you.

The acting is great as we have many young actors knowing how to pull off their characters so well. I can see them working for a very long time in future projects.
Devon Sawa (Alex Chance Browning) is extremely energetic with his work in this film and knows how to get into character and cries well on set. He was great with his reactions on stuff as well as doing a good job by having discussions with his onscreen friends. Also was perfect losing control and freaking out about the plane going to explode which he adds a perfect hype towards all of this. Was perfect panicking like crazy when he tries to drag someone out of a vehicle when a train comes charging as this also looked perfectly natural to watch. Adds alot of charisma and struggling energy during the final showdown which shows off greatly here.
Ali Larter (Clear Rivers) is terrific too with her role trying to help cheat out death as she proves to be an intelligent character and looks good. Shows a great sharp behavior to all that's happening and seemed to study her role greatly here. Also does a great job trying to talk to someone while speeding in his car and acting sympathetic to try and calm him down as this looked incredibly natural as well as getting vulgar with him to move his car when a train is rolling by as this also looked truly natural by how she reacts to this. Shows off good energy trying to dodge a wire attacking her which she just springs here and there and not letting an ounce down.
Now we can't forget about Kerr Smith (Carter Horton) as he was good at playing a tough guy with an attitude although he doesn't dress in leather jackets or greases his hair but you can tell by his actions that he just is that way. Does a great job freaking out and losing control when speeding in his car and just living on the edge which was his best work during this scene. Also was perfect tripping out while trying to get out of his car and can't do so as he was also realsitic with this too.
Seann William Scott
(Billy Hitchcock) had the right looks as a dorky teen and seems to do the trick too as someone who doesn't take stuff too seriously with stuff surrounding him. Was perfect freaking out at the end of his performance losing control and throwing the punches well while he performs this.
Kristen Clarke
(Ms. Valerie Lewton) is also good as a paranoid teacher with all that's happening showing nice intimidating emotions. Plus was good crying on set feeling sad which looked natural. Also does a great job acting cautious towards someone else as she adds great hype to all of this. She seemed to have a good mellow behavior and knew on how to change that whenever she needed to act that way.
Roger Guenveur Smith (Agent Schreck) really grabbed his attention with his supporting role by portraying a hard assed detective in which he had the perfect motive while behaving this way with his speaking and no nonsense attitude. Adds a perfect seriousness and had the right looks for all of this too. Was good and clear with his speaking.
We can't forget our special appearance of cult icon Tony Todd (William Bludworth) as a coroner and is a masterpiece with his icy voice.
He for sure has a perfecxt dark presence within what he does and was great telling the other actors on cheating death and gets into nice detail when talking about this. He for sure delivered a sort of Candyman type appeal to all of this.

A woman gets bloodily stabbed and her throat slit
A guy's head is sliced off from a license plate after a car is totalled by a train.
Some other bloody moments but that scene is the most gruesome.

Not alot of music happening but we do get some chilling music at the perfect moments by Shirley Walker with ending music composed by Chris Seefried. Alot of terrific strong orchestral music with great trombone and horn playing having a real vibe to all of this as well as perfect strong whooshing sounds too here and there. Many great low sounds and screeching effects as well as banging sounds for the jumping moments which works incredibly well. Of course we have the odd suspseneful violin music which blends into the story in an okay fashion too. Alot of rusty sounds adding more great chemistry to everything.

We also have a soundtrack by groups like John Denver, Pete Atherton, Nine Inch Nails, Jane Siberry and Joe 90

Bludworth: In death there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps, and no escapes.

Tod Waggner: We say that the hour of death cannot be forecast. But when we say this, we imagine that the hour is placed in an obscure and distant future. It never occurs to us that it has any connection with the day already begun, or that death could arrive this same afternoon - this afternoon which is so certain, and which has every hour filled in advance.

Billy Hitchcock: Carter, you dick!

Billy Hitchcock: There they go, here we stay.
[as he watches the plane take off and then explode]

Carter: As far as I know, this shit can circle around and get us all again. But for right now, I'm the safest fucker in the world, because you're still NEXT.

Tod Waggner: I never thought anything could look worse than my yearbook photo...
George: How do you think I feel having to look at you all the time?

Hare Krishna: Death is not the end.
Val Lewton: It will be for you if you keep harassing my students.

Carter: I'm never gonna die!

Agent Weine: Nobody has control over life and death, unless they're taking life, causing death.

Terry: I'm moving on, Carter. And if you want to waste your life beating the shit out of Alex every time you see him then you can just drop fucking dead!

[in Carter's car]
Billy Hitchcock: Stay below the speed limit. And, oh: don't pass on the right.
Carter: Wait a minute. I'm havin' a vision here.
[to Billy]
Carter: You're the next one man.
Billy Hitchcock: Hey, man. Why'd you say something like that?
Carter: Because if you don't shut up, *I'm* gonna fuckin' kill you!

Clear Rivers: This gives me a rush!
Alex Browning: What? This place?
Clear Rivers: Doing something I'm not supposed to.

Alex Browning: [in the Carter's car with him, Clear and Billy] You think it's gonna make it easier to know, Carter?
[Everyone looks at him]
Alex Browning: It's not. It's gonna make it fuckin' harder.

Alex Browning: [looking at Tod in the funeral home] Is that him?
Clear Rivers: I think so. Why did they make him look like Michael Jackson?

Clear Rivers: Almost autumn.
Alex Browning: It's only the end of June.
Clear Rivers: Yeah, but everything's always in transition. If you focus, even now, just one week into summer, you can almost feel autumn coming.
Clear Rivers: [turns toward Alex]
Clear Rivers: Kinda like being able to see the future.

Carter: We blow half a day in Paris, all because Browning had a bad fucking dream?

Alex Browning: [describing his premonition] I saw it. Like, I don't know I just saw it. I saw it on the runway, I saw it take off. I saw out my window. I saw the ground. And-and the cabin starts to shake, right? And the left side blows up and the whole plane just explodes! And it was so real, just how everything happens, you know?
Tod Waggner: You've been on a lot of planes that blew up?
Val Lewton: You must have fallen asleep.

Clear Rivers: [gesturing toward artwork] Do you know what this is?
Alex Browning: This is... this is springy head guy.
Clear Rivers: It's you Alex, and how you make me feel.
Alex Browning: I'm sorry.

Alex Browning: Ms. Lewton, I...
Val Lewton: [interupts] Don't talk to me, you scare the Hell outta me.

Alex Browning: You should be fucking dead!
Carter: Well, you're the fucking devil!

Carter: [mocking Alex] The plane, it's gonna blow up. It's gonna blow up!
Tod Waggner: Fuck you, Horton!
Alex Browning: The only trip you're taking is to the *fucking hospital*!

Alex Browning: [yelling at death] You tried to capitalize but I caught you, you fuck! Yeah, I can beat you. Not forever, but I've got this cabin rigged to beat you now!

Clear Rivers: [to Alex] Because of you, I'm still alive.
[gives him rose]
Clear Rivers: Thank you.

Carter: Well, we made it.
Clear Rivers: Paris, I can't believe it.
Alex Browning: I just can't believe we got on a plane again, you know what I'm saying?

Tod Waggner: Let's go take a shit.
Alex Browning: [confused] Why don't you take a shit by yourself?

Clear Rivers: When I was a kid, like six or seven, I used to worry so much about my parents dying. Lying awake at night, just worrying.
Alex Browning: Most kids do, I guess.
Clear Rivers: Most kids never have it happen.

Billy Hitchcock: And I fucking hated French class!

Billy Hitchcock: [Wondering who is next to die] Please tell me I'm gonna get to see the Jets win the Super Bowl!