Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)


Produced & Directed by: John Boorman

Written by: William Goodhart, John Boorman & Rospo Pallenberg


Linda Blair .... Regan MacNeil
Richard Burton .... Father Philip Lamont
Louise Fletcher .... Dr. Gene Tuskin
Kitty Winn .... Sharon Spencer
Paul Henreid .... The Cardinal

Special Appearances:

James Earl Jones .... Older Kokumo
Ned Beatty .... Edwards
Max von Sydow .... Father Merrin
Joey Lauren Adams .... Linda Tuskin
Dana Plato .... Sandra Phalor

Release Date:
Theatrical: June 17, 1977

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Four years have passed since Regan (Linda Blair) was posessed by a demon named Pazuzu and now she is under the care of a shrink named Dr. Gene Tuskin (Louise Fletcher) as Regan helps kids out with mental disabilities at Tuskin's hospital.
Gene tries to get any informantion what has happened to Regan by talking to her but still convinces Gene that she only remembers having nightmares and being sick
But Gene uses a machine on Regan to find out what had happened and the two of them go in a trance which nearly kills Gene.
Later on Regan seems to have special types of powers from her mind and a priest named Father Lamont (Richard Burton) convinced that she is still posessed and that there is a demon in Gene's hypnotic machine.
Father Lamont has a task to investigate Father Merrin's death leading her to Regan and so he takes Regan to her old house to try and put a stop to Pazuzu while there are many posessed youths that this demon is creating back in Africa.


A nice beginning showing some intensity in a place on Africa involving Father Philip Lamont and spotting someone who's pregnant going into labour but something not right about all of this as well as seeing something freaky happening in which you wonder as to what is becoming out of this along with possible possessions and then cutting into a nice moment with Regan MacNeil practising for a tap dancing show offering nice uplifting moments involving all of this.
Also a good discussion with
Dr. Gene Tuskin talking with Regan on remembering on how she was possesed that time and her not remembering but feeling sick and trying to act uplifting about everything. This was a nice draw in to the story on remembering on what became of this poor child and her trying to put what happened behind her.

There's a perfect moment which is one of my favourite scene's when Regan goes into hypnotism and uses a device for Dr. Tuskin to enter her mind to make her remember as to how Father Merrin was killed which was perfectly focused and seemed genuinely creepy with the light on the object flickering with a creepy sound it to as well as spotting on how Tuskin is affected by this. Plus a nice look on a flasback with possessed Regan towards Merrin on how he was murdered and the people trying to get Tuskin out of the hypnotism causing her life with this as this makes you cringe while watching and done in perfect taste too.
A nice mysterious moment with one of the emplyees at the centre giving Lamont a picture Regan drew of him revealing flames as well as him knowing on what's going to happen and trying to put out the fire which also keeps you in suspense that Regan could still possibly be possessed by Pazuzu.
Perfect moment with Lamont going to Regan's old home with Sharon Spencer and discussing on what had happened which adds some tension to what was going on then and having a nice still situation within everything as well as the bed wrapped in plastic where Regan was exorcised from the first one which should be a total pleaser for fans of the first one.
Also a perfect evil female whispering to Regan on the very top of a tall building while sleepijng to get her to sleepwalk at the edge of the building which for sure looked bone chilling as well as her waking up and realising she is about to fall as this offers a good psychological feel to all of this as well as doves flying in her face. This makes you imagining if you were in that situation and not a pleasant look for anyone who's scared of heights.
Perfect dramatic moment with Regan talking to a mute child and finally getting this little girl to speak again as well as Regan discussing herself she was once possessed as well as the mother being happy that she's talking. Plus some good intensity with Lamont arguing with Tuskin about Regan being possessed by Pazuzu and using powers to make that child talk again which also looked good and effective as well as making you watch for more as to what might happen in the story.
Perfect moment when Lamont uses the hypnotism device to try and find out what happened in Africa in which we spot many perfect bizarre moments with a swarm of moths invading a field and spotting a possessed child acting crazy in the field. Also psyched out moments with someone falling off a rocky cliff while hiking up to a destination with camera shots carefully focusing on this deadly situation.
Things seem awfully slow later on in the story which wasn't necessary to keep in for when Merrin goes to Africa but there's a nice creepiness to when he goes to a cave and meets up with Kokumo and twisted moments occur including about him landing on a floor of spikes as you beging to wonder if he's in a dream since these moments seem too bizarre to be real. It was nicely put into the story regardless.
Great moment with Regan trying to talk to Merrin and he walks expressionless to a train which makes you figure that he is possessed as well as what goes on inside the train when he is with her.
THe best part happens when they enter Regan's old home as well as what she spots seeing her possessed clone lying at the bed as well as this clone tempting Merrin to sedice her plus great windy and other types of effects happening adding perfect terror and suspense which would be a thrill to watch and finding out what happens next in this home. Also a good moment with Tuskin trapped in her vehicle and trying to get Sharon to let her out but is hesitant as this looked freaky to watch too wondering if she's possessed as well. Nicely put into the story as well as spotting a tragic moment too that looked perfectly deadly.
Bottom line is that this story was a little too long and was slow at times which can be a bore at times but then it does get exciting in many spots to earn a 3 bat rating but nowhere near as effective or well done as the first one. Many fans were disappointed and critics bombed it. I didn't find it all that bad. Sure it's a bit of a downer but I enjoyed it for what it was. Then they made an Exorcist 3 making the film a direct sequel to the first one as they tried to make this one a total write off. What a shame.

The acting still stands out well as Linda Blair (Regan MacNeill) still does a good job like in the first one and it's nice to see her character play a 16 year old and trying all sorts of talents too including tap dancing. Sje pffers a nice and caring attitude too which shines off as well as showing a good charisma by what she does especially trying to talk nicely to a mute child and really getting into her friendly mode as she knew her craft well here. She also does a perfect job acting expressionless while getting hypnotised as well as her speaking too. Was great acting concerned when someone is in trouble with their hypnotism and trying to stop the danger in which she offers great energy here. Also shows off great energy with acting like she has a seisure while tap dancing or screaming while the terror strikes her. Shows a perfect versatality when she plays Pazuzu acting wicked and lustful as well as showing a perfect evil expression within this.
Richard Burton
(Father Philip Lamont) is great as a hard edged preacher who tries to be protective but ending up in all sorts of hazards. Has a great gruffness with his speaking as well as having a great seious attitude along with his tough expressions too. Shows off a great adrenaline when paniacking on a situation as well as offering a perfect dead on aggression. Does well with her fearful behavior in other spots and acting perfectly cautious adding more energetic behavior within this. Does well acting possessed with his expressionless and cold speaking too while riding a train as this can be memorable by how he did this. Also does well by giving into a temptation near the end of his performance acting perfectly weak and lustful. Also adds a perfect punch with his struggling behavior as well.
I also enjoyed Louise Fletcher (Dr. Gene Tuskin) performing as a nice and caring shrink and does a terrific job at it.Really brought in her sympethic attitude when talking to someone about her past and trying to find out information on the subject. Also does well getting hypnotised as well as reacting shocked and in pain during this situation in which she can be well remembered by acting this way to anyone who saw her perform like this. Shows off a good stern behavior with her frusterated attitude towards someone else by not believing them and showing a great powerful aggression too. Does well with her frightful behavior when she's trapped in a crashed car and doing well trying to call to someone else.
Kitty Winn (Sharon Spencer) is good to see her reprise as the former housekeeper and showing a good and concenred behavior. Plus does well with her calmness and motherly attitude. She still has the knack to all of this as well as showng a perfect upsetting and emotional behavior in a certain spot with her upsetting reactions just getting perfectly aggressive. Also does well showing a wicked expression in another spot showing off on acting possessed as this was well done too.
We have an effective appearance by James Earl Jones (Older Kokumo) as he plays a great intimidating witch doctor during a nigthmare sequence but yet in reality is a nice decent one proving to be very versatile in his roles with the film.
He had a perfect darkness to his speaking very similar to his role as Darth Vader.

There is a woman in Africa topless.

During a hallucination sequence while a woman is being hypnotised there is an image of a heart being pulled out.
A heart is ripped out of a posessed Regan lookalike.

Ennio Morricone does a terrific job with composing the music but yet it isn't as well noted as from the first one but the sounds and everything else in this film is superb. Howver we do have some chanting sounds which isn't in my particular taste as well as some chiming sounds since it doesn't seem to fit in especially during the ending credits. yet there's great high ptiched violin music that works in well along with some clarinet playing too as well as some string pluckings too.
A soundtrack of his music was once available but is now out of print.

Father Lamont: I've flown this route before. It was on the wings of a demon.

Father Lamont: Pazuzu, king of the evil spirits of the air, help me to find Kokumo!

Father Lamont: When the wings have brushed you... is there no hope once the wings have brushed you?

Pazuzu: No! Once the wings have brushed you, you're mine forever!

Kokumo: If Pazuzu comes for you I will spit a leopard.

The Cardinal: Perhaps you should take a retreat.
Father Lamont: A retreat? Why not an advance?

Regan MacNeil: Was it in Africa?
Father Lamont: Yes.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: How do you know that?
Regan MacNeil: Well it looked like something I saw at the natural history museum.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: But you weren't suppose to remember anything.
Regan MacNeil: I know.

Regan MacNeil: [possessed] Call me by my dream name. Call me!

[regarding the Catholic Church]
Father Lamont: Satan has become an embarrassment to our progressive views.
Father Lamont: Have you tried a psychiatrist or a priest?

Father Lamont: Don't you understand... that I was face to face with the Evil that's inside her. Your machine has proved scientifically that there's an ancient demon locked within her!

Father Lamont: You've got to fight that demon that's inside her! It's preventing her from reaching full spiritual power!

Father Lamont: Don't hide behind science! You're better then that!

Father Lamont: You realize what you're up against, don't you? Evil. Evil is a spiritual being, alive and living, perverted and perverting, weaving its way insidiously into the very fabric of life.

Father Lamont: Was, uh... was Father Merrin afraid?
Sharon: You'd better see where it happened.

[before leaving to find Kokumo] Father Lamont: If he can teach me how he has survived Pazuzu... I'll come back and let you know.

Father Lamont: Pazuzu has brushed me with his wings.
Regan MacNeil: Don't worry, Father Merrin will help us.

Father Lamont: If I can find this man Kokumo, it would prove beyond doubt that the exorcisms were valid.

Father Lamont: The power... its getting nearer. Can't you feel it? The power is immense. It fills me. I can do anything.

Father Merrin: Not only Kokumo, but others like him began to appear in the world. I found these people where I could, and tried to protect them against evil. So Satan has sent Pazuzu to destroy this goodness. Phillip, you must take my place. She's precious, and I entrust her to you.

Regan MacNeil: You want me to take you to him?
Father Lamont: Yes.
Regan MacNeil: Come. Fly the teeth of the wind. Share my wings.

Dr. Gene Tuskin: Where is she?
Sharon: She's on the roof. She's always there. I can't lock her up.

Regan MacNeil: Father, see me. Please, see me.

Regan MacNeil: I wish you'd help Father Lamont. He needs your help.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: What do you mean? How can I help him? I don't know how to help him.
Regan MacNeil: Yes, you do.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: Regan, what are you talking about?
Regan MacNeil: You know... going into sync.... trying to reach him like that.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: You told me he was in Africa.
Regan MacNeil: When you're in sync, it's different. I mean, it doesn't matter where you are. You can find them.... you know, help them.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: Regan, is that why you haven't been coming to see me? 'Cause I won't let you into sync?
Regan MacNeil: Yes.

Dr. Gene Tuskin: I can't. I have to do what I think is best for you.
Regan MacNeil: What's the matter with you?
Sandra Phalor: I'm autistic.
Regan MacNeil: How do you mean?
Sandra Phalor: I'm withdrawn. I can't talk.
Regan MacNeil: But you're talking now. Yes, you are. I can hear you.
Sandra Phalor: You can hear me? What's the matter with you?
Regan MacNeil: I was possessed by a demon. It's OK. He's gone.

Regan MacNeil: I was possessed by a demon. Oh, but it's okay, he's gone now!

Regan MacNeil: Father, please don't be lost to me.

Pazuzu: Kill her! We command you!

Regan MacNeil: You must tear out her evil heart.

Pazuzu: Puzuzu's Regan is the only Regan.

Father Lamont: The enemy of the human race is subdued.

Father Lamont: Were you ever...
Older Kokumo: Possessed by Pazuzu?

Older Kokumo: That's what my mother used to tell me.

Regan MacNeil: He's with me. Come down. Down, Father. To meet me.

Pazuzu: Regan! Come! We're going flying far, far away!