Greg Russell Tiderington - Host
Apart from being the moderator of Racks & Razors Greg started out in the entertainment field as a sketch artist before he learned to talk eventually leading him by being interviewed on local newspapers and a spot on the 6'0Clock News. He also did comic strips for his school paper.
Then during his senior highschool years he was bittten by the acting bug and did some independent scholarship one act plays.
After he grauduated he volunteered at his local community cable station by doing camera and audio eventually leading to appearing in front of the camera with his own TV specials.
He then took some small acting workshops and then landed supporting roles in many community theatre productions most notably in A Woman Of No Importance, Pajama Game and Sleeping Beauty.
After the millenium he got into starring in short and feature underground horror films including They Came from the Attic, Psychotic State, Midnight Matinee Psycho, Streaks in the Mirror and Room for Rent


Doktor Strange - Host
"Doktor Strange is one of Vancouver's Premier Comedy Magicians. Over the
span of his 30+ year career he has performed for tens of thousands of
people. He performs shows for all ages and primarily loves to make people
laugh! You can learn all about him at his website He
is a board game and game show designer, he works in elementary schools
teaching grade 5s and 6s through a company called Classroom Expeditions. He is a father of two amazing kids and he also really enjoys a good scary movie!"
Official Site:


Derek Young - Host/Producer
Derek is the producer of the show and co-hosts it as he's been a part of the Wolf Pack Podcast with Eric Morse since it first started in which the show was originally The Eric Morse Project.
Derek was originally interviewed on the show back on the Halloween special of this show in 2010 since he was a newcomer on making horror films and then did his own blogtalk radio show. Afterwards became a full fledged member with Eric Morse ever since.
Derek is also a filmmaker, actor and writer in which he started off with a small grindhouse flick titled Family Property: Backwoods Killing Spree which is now on DVD nationwide.
He also did Midnight Matinee Psycho in which Greg Russell Tiderington had a supporting role in and a special appearance by Eric Morse himself which has been riding film festivals and horror conventions.
His latest feature is the title role in Psychotic State which co-stars Tiderington once again and a special appearance by Morse too which is his biggest budgeted one yet as he plans to make more making them look better and better.
His next feature plans to be Josie as he hopes to get some familiar faces in that one.
Derek also appeared in the films The Vampires of Zanzibar, Plan 9, Reunion 108 and Rednecks.